I strongly support the Belmont schools. As the parent of a BHS junior and college sophomore, I know how well the schools prepare our children for college and life. Our schools are Belmont’s crown jewels, and we need to protect and nurture them.

As a leader of the 2015 override campaign, I helped ensure we had the resources to properly educate Belmont’s children. Our continuing enrollment challenges require us to manage override funds wisely and think creatively about school budgets.

Classroom Space
I support the interim use of modular classrooms because our schools are out of space. Interestingly, during the Wellington construction, my daughter and her friends loved the “mods” – they turned out to be great learning spaces (and air conditioned!).

BHS Building Project
We have a unique opportunity to address enrollment with the construction of a new/renovated school building. We will have many challenging decisions, but I am excited to be part of the inclusive public process that will begin soon.

Special Education
In Warrant Committee, we have analyzed growth of the special education budget.  I will encourage the school department to study options for bringing key SPED programs in-house, thereby keeping children in their community and reducing costs.