Business Development

I am committed to strengthening Belmont’s business districts. We want vibrant businesses that serve residents and broaden our tax base. As an attorney who handles complicated business licensing, zoning, and contract issues, I know how to get this done.

Belmont has a reputation as a town that makes it difficult for business. We must change this.

Delays and permitting complexity make it expensive for new businesses. Clarifying business guidelines can reduce hurdles, eliminate surprises, and help everyone know what to expect.

Zoning plays an important role in business development. We recently lost a popular proposed project due to the inadequacy of our zoning laws. Our zoning laws should match our values and protect our neighborhoods, while also supporting the small businesses that we love.

Collaboration with residents
I have seen first-hand how collaboration between residents and businesses can improve a development project for all. As partners, we can avoid contentious battles that rob residents of valued services.

Seeking Out Opportunities
Belmont has many underutilized properties that could broaden our tax base. I have often facilitated these kinds of business projects, and I understand the role government can play in making these properties active again.

By making development an inclusive, win-win situation and addressing bureaucratic hurdles, we can nurture a business environment that benefits residents and businesses. I have done this professionally, and I can help make it happen here in Belmont.