As a Select Board member since 2017, and throughout my career in Belmont’s town government, I have worked to produce tangible action for our community. Here are some of my key accomplishments.

Energy and climate action

  • Drove Belmont Light to adopt a clean-power purchase policy that has made it a leading municipal utility in the state, in terms of renewable energy use.
  • Chose the plan to place a solar array on the town’s former incinerator site, as a clean new source of energy.
  • Working on passing a Belmont Light strategic plan. 

Fiscal policy

  • Passed tax relief for seniors, after I placed it on the board’s agenda.
  • Helped Belmont maintain its AAA bond rating, which allows the town to finance capital projects at favorable interest rates. 


  • Served on the Yes for Belmont campaign committee for the 2015 override, which has supported the hiring of many new teachers and staff members in our schools. Represented the campaign in its public debate. 

Sustainability, walkability, and traffic control measures

  • Worked successfully to gain approval of the Community Path route.
  • Gained approval for the Alexander Avenue underpass, to provide a car-free way for the Winn Brook neighborhood to access the high school and Concord Avenue.
  • Adopted the Complete Streets policy, which provides up to $400,000 in annual funding to make town streets suitable for pedestrian and bicycle traffic.
  • Brought Lime Bikes to Belmont.
  • Advocated for Belmont’s town-wide traffic study, providing a quantitative basis for analyzing and mitigating the town’s traffic issues. 
  • Created the Transportation Advisory Committee, to broaden the reach of the former Traffic Advisory Committee to include pedestrian and cycling concerns.
  • Created the Community Path Project Committee.

Business development and policy

  • Created the Business Study Committee, to examine opportunities for business development in town, and to find ways to make Belmont more business-friendly.
  • Helped develop the town’s liquor license transfer policy.
  • Currently examining the application of Airbnb regulations to Belmont. 

Senior services

  • Voted to enroll Belmont in the AARP Network of Age-Friendly Communities, providing access to support and resources for seniors. 


  • Passed the Housing Production Plan, allowing Belmont to obtain grants for the development of affordable housing. 

Community preservation and recreation 

  • Created new Recreation Director position.
  • Currently working to make the Recreation department a self-sustaining enterprise fund.
  • Vice-chair of the Underwood Pool Building Committee (from 2013).
  • Chair of Community Preservation Act study committee (2009), recommending Belmont adopt matching-fund policy to enhance open spaces and historic buildings.

Effective government initiatives

  • Wrote new operational rules for the Select Board, improving transparency and allowing all board members to submit agenda items for consideration.
  • Wrote new appointment rules for Belmont’s government committees, encouraging a larger pool of applicants for these positions.
  • Sponsored the Town Meeting article directing Belmont to use the term “Select Board.” 
  • Brought back Belmont’s Youth Commission. 
  • Beginning a new town-wide strategic planning process, through the Vision 21 Committee.