My vision for Belmont is that we build upon our shared values — family, education, community, inclusivity — and work to improve the quality of life for residents of all ages.

We must continue to support our superb schools, to help Belmont’s children grow, and to prepare them for 21st-century jobs.

At a time of ongoing fiscal pressure, it is essential to manage our budgeting carefully and wisely.

Climate Action
Local climate action is vital today. We have taken great strides making our town a leader in clean energy use, and we will continue to follow through on Belmont’s climate action plan.

We want to preserve the livability and character of our neighborhoods. We have taken many new steps to improve pedestrian and bicycle mobility, while working to address traffic issues.

Supporting local business development can serve residents, attract visitors, and expand our tax base.

After years of waiting, we are now undertaking major projects on our schools, police station, and DPW, and continuing to improve our roads, sidewalks, and traffic-safety infrastructure.

Long-time residents are a vital fabric of our community. We have been working to make Belmont age-friendly for everyone, through tax code changes, improved senior services, and more affordable housing.