Belmont is a great place to live, first and foremost, because of our sense of community. Neighbors know each other, and they still look out for the kids. Over 500 committed volunteers serve on town committees, and hundreds more in our non-profits. I am running to maintain and strengthen this quality of life.

I am a strong supporter of the Belmont schools. As the parent of a BHS junior and college sophomore, I know how well the schools prepare our children for college and life. We face numerous challenges – especially enrollment and space. Our schools are Belmont’s crown jewels, and we must protect and nurture them. [more...]

I believe in fiscal responsibility. I have served on the Warrant Committee (the town's financial watchdog) for eight years – analyzing the town budget and examining our town departments. It is crucial that we manage the spending of our override funds wisely, spending what we need, but also saving for the future.


We love our "town of homes". Our housing market is booming, and the subsequent renovations create challenges. As an attorney, I handle many complex zoning cases. Zoning is our primary tool for preserving the livability and character of our neighborhoods, and when it isn't serving us well, we must fix it.


I am committed to strengthening Belmont’s business districts. We want vibrant businesses that serve residents and broaden our tax base. As an attorney who handles complicated business licensing, zoning, and contract issues, I know how to get this done. [more...]

Climate Action

In 2008, Belmont voters made a strong commitment to climate action, but we are falling behind. The Board of Selectmen should be a driving force to fulfill the specific goals and plans passed by Town Meeting. We can do this in a way that benefits both the town and environment, and we need to move aggressively.  [more...]


Roads and sidewalks are the single biggest complaint I hear. Years of deferred maintenance created a backlog of aging infrastructure. The override accelerated our progress on roads and sidewalks, and the high school project is underway – now we need a long-term plan for the rest of our infrastructure.


I worry about the lack of confidence in town government expressed by many Belmont residents. They have shared stories about unresponsiveness; about the difficulty to find information; about failed attempts to get involved. Working together, we can improve our processes and change this.